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Dingdog - Tofu Sushi Enrichment Dog Toy

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Double the fun and train your dog to work for its food with the Dingdog tofu sushi nosework toy! Hide treats inside the tofu skin, peel it off, and rewarded with treats! 

The toy is made of thick fabric to extend the life of the toy and reduce the chance of skin Itchiness. The high quality embroidered expression can maintain it's appearance even after using for a period of time.


  • Features: Nosework, Squeak
  • Breed size: Suitable for small and medium dogs
  • Size: 6cm x 10cm x 8cm (Handmade item an error of 1- 2cm may occur.)
  • Company base: Korea
  • Country of manufacture: Korea
  • Material: Polyester, Cotton
  • Care: Hand-wash with cold water.


    • Supervise your dog during play.
    • Remove any loose pieces and replace the toy if torn.
    • Due to material and filler characteristics, the squeaky may sound weak or different.


    Additional Details: