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Bite Me - Tofu Sushi Enrichment Dog Toy Set

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Head down to fun town with the tofu sushi nosework toy set.

The toy comes in two parts, rice and fried tofu. The rice part makes a squeaky sound, you can hide treats under the rice to play with it.


  • Features: Nosework, Squeak
  • Breed size: Suitable for small and medium dogs
  • Size: 6 x 7 cm (Depending on the properties of the fabric and how it is measured, an error of 1- 2cm may occur.)
  • Material: polyester, Cotton
  • Care: Hand-wash with cold water.


  • Supervise your dog during play.
  • Remove any loose pieces and replace the toy if torn.
  • Due to material and filler characteristics, the squeaky may sound weak or different.


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