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7 Human Food Your Dogs Can Eat

Posted on April 28 2021

7 Human Food Your Dogs Can Eat - A Pawfect Place


1. Carrot

orange carrots on brown wooden crate

Carrot can prevent diseases caused by lifestyle habits such as vascular disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.

Serving Tip: You can cut the raw carrots into smaller or larger pieces, depending on your dog’s size and feed them in raw or cooked.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage can improve dog's digestive care, cabbage is rich in calcium, enzymes, vitamins, dietary fiber, etc.

Serving Tip: Cabbage can cause gas, we recommend only feed them a little bit, you can chopped finely and sprinkled on top of the dog food.

3. Cauliflower

white cauliflowers
Cauliflower is rich in fiber and vitamin C, it is also contain cancer-fighting properties

Serving Tip: Cauliflower can cause gas, we recommend only feed them a little bit, you can chopped finely and sprinkled on top of the dog food or mashed and served it as a treat.


4. Apple

bunch of red apples
Apple is rich in fiber, apple can help keep your dog’s teeth clean and their breath fresh. 

Serving Tip: Dogs should not eat the core of the apple and the apple seeds as they can be harmful to dogs. We recommend to cut it into slices or chunks so that it's easier to eat and digest. 

5. Salmon

raw fish meat on brown chopping board
Salmon is rich in Omega 3, it is good for the dog's heart and immune system, and also make your dog's coat should be shiny and smooth

Serving Tip: Do not give your dog raw or undercooked salmon. Make sure the salmon is boneless, you can poach, grill, roast, steam, or bake the salmon with no oil and any seasonings. 


6. Cooked Egg

white and green floral round plate
Dogs usually like the taste of eggs, and it is an excellent source of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Serving Tip: Eggs should be cooked before given to a dog. Cook or boil eggs plain without oil and seasonings.

7. Blueberry

blueberries on white ceramic container
Blueberries are rich in flavonoids, antioxidants, fiber and vitamins C and K, and safe for dogs.

Serving Tip: Beside giving them fresh blueberries, you can also try to frozen the blueberries or mashed the blueberries and add them to their food.

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