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Pet In Beauty - Light Medical Recovery Flexible Flat E-collar [3 Colours][4 Sizes]

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Size guide:

First, measure your pet's leg length, and select size by referring to the table below.

* Only suitable for small to medium cats and dogs


How to measure leg length:

In an upright standing position, measure the length from the armpit to the floor where the legs and torso meet.


* Weight, neck, chest, and length measurements are for reference only, please use leg length as the primary measurement basis.

* If it's too big for your pet, it might affect them from walking. 

* Our medical recovery collar is not refundable due to health considerations, so please follow the size guide when making a purchase. If you need any help with sizing, please do not hesitate to message us on 0404 632 673 or email us at hello@apawfectplace.com.au.




1. Help pets recover from injuries, rashes or surgery - keep them from licking on their stitches or scratching them in the case of head injuries.

2. Comfortable wearing - Easy to wear because of high-elastic cotton knit fabric, cotton string and a stopper.

3. Ultralight - M size: 41g. Feel nothing when wearing.

4. Retaining its original form - Very light and maintains a well circular shape due to stainless steel wires.

5. Easy to clean & wash - Water resistant (use water repellent fabric)! Easy to wash, quick to dry.

6. Private pouch - Easy to store in the private pouch for carry-on and storage.

7. Patent/Made in Korea - This product is made in Korea and has been applied for a utility model and design patent, and may be subject to legal penalties for similar designs and theft of this product.


How to wear:

  1. Take out the zero neck collar from the pouch
  2. Both sides are OK! Wear it gently on the pet's head
  3. Adjust the stopper to fit the neck, and tie any excess cotton strings
  4. Put the stopper in the hole of the cotton knit fabric and you are done!

To prevent damage to the wire clamp and stopper, place the label and stopper behind the neck.



How to put it in the pouch:

  1. Hold both parts with the palm of your hand facing up and the back of your hand with the other
  2. Twist lightly to make an 8-shape and then overlap them to meet each other
  3. After forming a round shape, put it in a pouch


  • Company base: Korea
  • Country of manufacture: Korea 

Washing Tip:

  • Hand wash is recommended as much as possible due to the nature of the product
  • Put it in a laundry net and wash gently with a wool setting and lukewarm water
  • Wash with a neutral detergent and do not use fabric softener, chlorine bleach, or dryer
  • Dry in a shaded place away from direct sunlight

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【Pet In Beauty】Light Medical Recovery Dog & Cat Collar [3 Colours][4 Sizes]